Forest of Dean Wigwam® Village

General Information


Please use the bays provided by your Wigwam® Cabin and display your site pass at all times. Only one car per bay is allocated, all remaining vehicles must be parked in the main car park area and display a valid car pass. Car passes are collected from reception when you arrive.


A standby tap is available by the Wigwam® cabins for water.


A Fire Action information card is displayed inside each Wigwam® Cabin. Any person discovering a fire to cause concern should raise the alarm and call the emergency services and if possible to do so safely, attack the fire using the appliance from the Wigwam® Cabin safely. Larger 6kg Powder and Foam extinguishers are situated in the BBQ area next to Wigwam® Cabin No 5. Periodically the site shall conduct a Fire Evacuation Drill, notices of which will be displayed in all the public areas the large car park area is where you should muster if a drill is called. A small 1kg hand held fire extinguisher is situated inside each unit on the left hand side of the door. Do not take any risks and please do not return to your wigwam® for any reason until authorised and safe to do so.