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I cannot think of anything nicer than returning from a brisk walk in Autumn and making the most delicious mug of hot chocolate. But, apparently, we’re a nation divided over what exactly is ‘the most delicious mug of hot chocolate’.

Which hot chocolate type are you?

The Quick and Easy Type

The ‘quick and easy’ type are those people who are happy with a few heaped tablespoons of whatever chocolate powder they can find, topped up with hot water. Don’t expect an explosion of colour, you’ll be lucky with a warm beige.

The Methodical Mug

The methodical mug will go to painstaking lengths to find the perfect chocolate solids and slowly melt them. Once melted they’ll coat the inside of a mug with the chocolate and fill it with warm milk (or even cream). This method will take a lot more time but we’re sure the end product will be worth it.

The Spicy One

Hot chocolate is pretty standard but we all have that one friend who tries to spice things up and will insist on putting cinnamon sticks in too. They’ll even go as far as putting chilli in the drink. Be wary of these people, they’ll be involving you too soon enough.

The Perfectionist

They’ll only accept 100% cocoa solids, only accept cream (forget semi-skimmed milk), the cream will be warmed to the perfect temperature and the chocolate will be melted to perfection and will never reach the gooey stage! Even the cream on top will be hand whipped, none of the squirty cream from the shop and it will be topped with shards of dark chocolate.

So which one are you? I bet you know exactly which of your friends will fit into the other categories!