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What does Easter mean to you? A few days off work? Lots of chocolaty eggs? The start of the tourist season? Perhaps a time for spiritual contemplation? Or maybe even Easter Glamping is where your mind wanders to when the sun begins to finally provide some heat.

  Marshmallow toasting

Get stuck in their with your friends!

Whatever your thoughts about this springtime celebration, then discover our Top Five Easter Glamping Activities, below!

Top Five Easter Glamping Activities

Easter Egg Decorating

– those of us of a certain age will recall that in times gone by, this meant using a few drops of out-of-date cochineal in a pan of boiling water, dropping in the eggs only to find the eggs either split or turned a dirty shade of pink!

Nowadays, craft retailers and online shops offer an incredible array of accessories, from rolling eyes to beaks, from snorkels to feet. Your imagination is your only limitation!

Easter Glamping Weekend

Not all the eggs are best pleased about being rolled down the hillside - Photo by Yana Sedlak

Top tip – don’t feel you have to spend a fortune on egg decorations – impressive results can also come form using household items such as masking tap, rubber bands and stickers to create stripy, dotty eggs!

Easter Egg Rolling

- as it sounds, this game involves a hard-boiled egg and the ability to roll it along a designated course.

It can involve rolling the egg down a slope, with the one that rolls the furthest being considered the winner.

If there’s no slope to be seen, then kids (and adults) can mark out a short racecourse either indoors or out, and push the eggs along with their noses. Not as easy as it sounds!  First one past the post in the winner.

Top tip – ensure everyone’s eggs are either marked with their initials or have been decorated so each entrant knows their own eggy entry!

Easter Egg Hunt

– as it sounds, it involves a game of hide and seek with chocolate eggs, either indoors or outdoors.

Depending on the age of the participants, you can hide the eggs (foiled-wrapped ones are best) in places that are easy or difficult to detect.

Those taking part will need a plastic bucket or basket to put their goodies in!

While there isn’t a winner as such, it’s great fun finding the eggs.

Top tip – to prevent older participants grabbing all the eggs before little people have chance to look, set a limit as to how many eggs each child can find.


Egg & Spoon Race

– if this brings back memories of school sports day, be prepared to revisit this pastime at Easter.

You will need a hard-boiled egg for each person, a large spoon for each person, and something to mark the start and finish with.

If anyone drops the egg from their spoon, they need to go back to the beginning and start again!

Top tip – if you haven’t got time to boil lots of eggs, you can use raw eggs – but bear in mind the mess (and disappointment) if one rolls of a spoon before the finish line!

  Glamping Easter

It's all fun and games until the egg and spoon race. Photo by Hamish Darby

Easter Bonnet Making

– or perhaps more accurately, Easter Hat Making! While this could be seen as a girls’ pastime, it’s easy to adapt it to making headgear for boys too.

How about purchasing a headband and decorating it with feathers, like an Indian headdress? Or decorating a cowboy hat?  Or perhaps creating a knight’s helmet?

Top tip – why not have a competition with friends and family - you’ll be amazed what creations come about!


If you really haven’t got time to do any of the above, then rest assured countless attractions up and down the country will be throwing open their doors to visitors, holding Easter themed events.


And if you haven’t booked your Wigwam for that Easter Glamping break yet, visit Wigwam Holidays to find out what’s available!