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Glamping on Easter weekend is brilliant. It's the first real break since Christmas and the weather is finally starting to look like it's on the up. You've got a nice long weekend that you don't need to use any of your annual leave on. The kids can play outside without getting completely soaked. The clocks are going forwards. It really is the start of the good bit of the year. When everything turns from grey and brown to blue and green.

Really what I wanted to tell you about is my top 5 favourite things about the clocks going forwards.

1. Everyone get's dead excited.

We wouldn't be British if we didn't talk about the weather or the nights getting lighter. And despite it happening every year. I love it. The expected astonishment that it's light until 8pm is a feeling I welcome as it really sets the tone for the upcoming Summer.

2. Eating your dinner outside.

Ok, so this one is a bit hit and miss, but sometimes the weather is hot enough to manage it. Even if you have to scoff it down because it is rapidly cooling. Sometimes it feels like you're maybe trying a bit hard, but it's all character building stuff and it's definitely a laugh. According to the Met Office, 27.8 degrees celcius was record in Surrey back in 2011 over Easter, so there is hope.

Glamping Easter Weekend Barbeque

The beginning of BBQ season is upon us.

3. Glamping on Easter Weekend.

You finally have a holiday since Christmas and it coincides with the clocks going forwards? Well that's just great! We aren't really wasting the day with a lie in because it's still dark and when we get up, we have an extra hour for adventures. Whoever planned this one, definitely had their head screwed on because it's awesome. It's never too late for last minute deal. With online booking these days, you can book your holiday in a matter of minutes, and be on the road to somewhere new.

4. Longer Days

I've kind of already said this one, but not explicitly. Truth be told though, the best bit about the clocks changing is we get a lot more usable day. We are no longer commuting in the dark, which to me is just awesome. Not only this, but for those of us on the sunrise and sunset commutes for one or two weeks before the clocks change, we get another chance to see them. You can find the longest days in the UK when glamping in the north of Scotland.

5. Everyone is happier

It's science, right? More sunlight means more vitamin D and vitamin D makes you happy? Whatever it is, everyone is definitely much happier and that really is the best thing about the clocks going forwards. There is a lot more smiles going round and a lot more conversation.


What's your favourite thing about the clocks going forwards?

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