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Nothing quite says “Summer Holiday” like a holiday on the beach in some rare British sunshine. At Wigwam® Holidays we love beaches, and we love to go glamping by the beach. In the years we’ve spent glamping by the beach, we’ve ended up with a few past times, which we enjoy again and again, so decided we would share our top ten with you.

  1. Build a Sandcastle – The classic seaside activity, just a bucket and a spade and you’re ready to go. How do you build your castle though? A simple bucket turned upside down or something with a touch more finesse?
Glamping Sandcastle
  1. Swim in the sea – For those of us that are brave enough, a dip in the sea can be a refreshing or terrifying experience and either way, not one we are likely to forget. Here are some tips for open water swimming.
  1. Play Frisbee – Maybe not a world renowned beach activity, but it’s certainly something we recommend. The big open space means you can really throw the Frisbee, which can be a lot of fun =). If you are with a group, you might even want to try ULTIMATE FRISBEE.
Glamping Frisbee
  1. Have a picnic – If you’ve found yourself at a secluded beach, then a picnic is an essential really, but even if you’re somewhere a bit more popular, with shops nearby, a picnic is a great money saver and can be a lot of fun.
  1. Have fresh fish and chips – It’d be rude not to enjoy the freshest possible fish, often brought off the boat the very same day. Many of the best fish and chip shops are found by the sea in little seaside towns.
  1. Go surfing – If you’ve ever wanted to be a cool surfer, then now is your chance. First you need some waves and the British weather is usually kind enough to provide those and then all you need is your best balancing skills to get started. You can find the top 10 UK surfing spots here.
Glamping Surfing
  1. Look for crabs in rock pools – Bring your fishing net and get stuck in.
  1. Write in the sand – Would you really be at the beach if you didn’t grab a piece of drift wood and write your name in the sand?
Coastal Glamping
  1. RELAX – Just as simple as it sounds really. Just sit back and relax and enjoy the sound of the sea and the sun on your face.
  1. Visit the seaside town – If you’re on a break from the city, just a gentle stroll around the local town visiting the little shops and seeing the local architecture is a really nice way of enjoying a slower pace of life.