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It is part three of the glampers dictionary this week and we shall be moving through the letters F, G and H to bring you up to speed on some more glamping buzzwords and jargon.

I think all the new words is something which makes glamping quite exciting. With glamping being relatively new in the holiday market, you can even risk making up your own word and hope it catches on. It’s all just a bit of fun really.

With the glampers dictionary we hope to equip you with the knowledge to understand everything you might hear in the glamping world and to have a little fun and inspire you to have a more exciting/relaxing/adventurous (delete as appropriate) glamping holiday.



Ok - so I’ll admit, this a bit of a cheat to put this word in the glampers dictionary, but this is what glamping is all about for most people. We all love the luxury part of it and to avoid putting up a tent, but at the end of the holiday and you head off home, if all you can think about was how much fun you had, despite the rain and the wind then you’re doing glamping right!


You can’t go glamping without having a little fire at night. Wigwams are synonymous with firepits, with pretty much every Wigwam across the network having a fire pit available. Whether you are toasting marshmallows or just trying to dry your feet off, there will be smiles all round.

And speaking of toasting marshmallows - here is our handy little guide on how to toast the perfect marshmallow.

Kids love marshmallows!


“a large area covered chiefly with trees and undergrowth” - There is something pretty magical about a forest. They can make you feel safe by sheltering you from the harsh elements in the open space. They are are full of wildlife and little nooks and crannies waiting to be explored. Best of all, if you go glamping in a forest you’ll really get to experience the forest life. Following little paths and winding round trees and exploring.


If you’re not on holiday with your friends then you’re probably on holiday with your family, am I right? Glamping is very family orientated. It’s for the parents to relax and the kids and to have fun or everyone to have fun (but we all know kids aren’t big fans of relaxing).

Fairy Lights

This entry goes nicely with bunting, which we saw back in part one - and much of the same applies.

Fresh Air

The best thing about being in the outdoors is fresh air. Living in a town or a city, you really don’t get the clean air feeling you get out in the countryside and remote areas of the country. You can even buy fresh air in a jar in some of the big cities in the world.

Glamping is all about being outside in the outdoors. I’m sure we’ve all heard the phrase - “Gosh I’m so tired, it must be all the fresh air” - which it turns out is because fresh air helps you relax and unwind by releasing endorphins. Basically you can hang outside in the sun all day and the air relaxes you. Does it get better than that?

Friends old and new

Wigwams are for friends. Spending time round the fire with your best of friends - chatting away to the wee hours of the night. It is pretty special.

Then after a great night’s sleep - either a day in the hills, on the water, by the beach or exploring the town, whatever takes your fancy - it’s always better with friends.

Farmers and farms

Wigwams naturally fit in with the farming lifestyle. With plenty of farms struggling in the recent economy and looking for new ways to diversify - Wigwams were the answer.

Farm holidays are a lot of fun. There is plenty of animals to see and lots of fun activities for children.


There will be the hardened few out there who believe there is no need for firelighters and making a fire with only elbow grease and wood is the only fire worth making. However, this is glamping. Generally with glamping - we like to take the easy route and this is where firelighters come into their own. Firelighters are small flammable objects, which you take a match to and will provide enough fire for a few minutes to get your fire going with food and charcoal.

You can have your fire going in just a few minutes and there is no need to faff about.

If you're still unsure on how best to light a fire - we've written a guide for you on how to start a fire on your glamping holiday.



We covered this back in part one, but for those that missed the entry, here it is again:

The word glamping is a mix up of glamorous and camping, to make glamourous camping and therefore - glamping! Love it or hate it, the word is here to stay and is used to describe all sorts of luxury camping accommodation styles.

It’s really just a word which describes any camping style accommodation, which has been made more luxurious than you would expect. And even if you aren’t a fan of the word, you’ll find yourself getting used to it soon enough with glamping massively on the rise at the moment.


Always necessary on a Wigwam Holiday - games. Whether you are with the kids or friends, you’ll find yourself playing some games maybe without even realising it.

Kids love I-Spy in the car or games in the woods - us big kids maybe prefer a game involving some drinks or a board game on the rainy. However you look at it - it’s all going to be lots of fun.

We've even got a handy little guide on how to keep your kids entertained for free.


Glamping is perfect for groups. Not all sites accept groups, but the ones that do will be better setup for groups anyways. You can have a good sing song round the fire and just a good laugh. Or if it’s a group event, then you can have a really fun birthday/wedding/team building day in the great outdoors.

Great Holidays in the great outdoors

This is the essence of Wigwam Holidays. The core purpose of Wigwam Holidays is to provide “Great Holidays in the Great Outdoors” and we really hope this is what you experience each time you go glamping in a Wigwam.

See the Wigwam Holidays Purpose.



We hope that a holiday in a Wigwam puts a smile on your face and keeps you happy.

Hungry - the barbeque never heats up quick enough does it?

Ideally you’ll not be spending your glamping holiday in a permanent state of hunger, but it’s definitely important to feel hungry whilst the food is cooking over the barbeque.

Just enough hunger to make the sausages a little bit more tasty and make everything a little bit more exciting. It’s all just a bit of fun really.


Lots of couples like to celebrate their newlywed status by going on a magical glamping honeymoon. You can fully glamp out a Wigwam and go nuts for a really special holiday.

Browse Honeymoon Glamping sites.


Lots of walkers and hikers love Wigwams. The comfy beds, warm accommodation and a solid roof over the head can be much more appealing than carrying a little tent around. You can find Wigwam sites on lots of walking routes including the West Highland Way and along Hadrians wall.

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