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We are back again with the glampers dictionary. If you missed part one, then just click here and you can catch up on the A to B before moving on.

The glampers dictionary is all about helping you understand a bit of the jargon surrounding glamping itself. With a whole heap of different words being thrown about, we figured it’d be helpful to keep you in the know and up to speed with the glampers lingo, so when you show up on site you can talk the talk as well as walk the walk.

In part one of the glampers dictionary we went from A to B. Not so far, but we racked up lots of words and phrases for our dictionary including Adventure, Bunting and Bespoke Beefburgers. Without faffing for much longer, I think we’ll just go straight into it and with the letter C:


Car Journey

I know you all know what this is, but you almost can’t have a glamping holiday without a car journey (for those that want to know how you can check out our Wigwam Without Wheels section). It’s inevitable that you’ll need to pack your car to the brim and head off into the traffic on a Friday afternoon towards your countryside vista.


Another entry to the dictionary you maybe wouldn’t associate with glamping. It’s not exactly an outdoors item - given that a light breeze will easily put a stop to a burning candle and all the fun that comes with it.
However, given that it’s as safe as in a house to have candle in a Wigwam really, it can really add that little something extra to a romantic weekend away.


The hardened campers reading this article I imagine will find the thought of bringing cushions to the outdoors a ludicrous idea, but for those that like a little luxury will know the importance of bringing extra cushions - just to make sure no hardship is felt.


This will be our first location based entry to the dictionary. Coastal locations are epic locations. Without any fear of a tent being blown down, a Wigwam is an amazing place to be for a coastal holiday. Experience the outdoors and luxurious indoors, with the sea views stretched out in front of you.

Pot-a-Doodle Do Wigwams is an incredible coastal location just outside Berwick.


If you’ve got something to celebrate then do so in style! Many glamping sites offer Champagne in a bucket of ice (or in the fridge) waiting for you on arrival. So after a long drive, just sit back and relax.


You can’t have a good BBQ without any charcoal right? Most glamping sites will offer BBQ’s for hire, and charcoal can also be purchased on site if you have your own BBQ.

Coffee (when you first wake up)

For the coffee drinkers reading this article, I’m sure you’ll agree that the thought of having a nice hot cup of coffee sitting outside your Wigwam first thing in the morning is almost enough to have you handing over your credit card details to a holiday provider.



It’s a good thing glamping is one of the best de-stressers ever, because it’s exactly what you might need after driving to your chosen glamping destination. If you’ve been stuck in traffic or it’s been in the dark or driving rain, you’ll know what I mean.


Since there are so many adventurous activities often available on glamping sites, you’ll soon work out who the dare-devil in the group is. The dare-devil has no qualms with something which should put the fear into you. Jumping into freezing water? No problem. Mountain biking? No problem. Climbing the tallest mountain? No problem. Every group has a dare-devil whether you realise it or not. I challenge you to find them.


Our best friends. Dogs love glamping. It makes sense to them. You can play outside all day, and then when it’s time to go to bed, they can come inside to a comfy bed.



If you needed one word to describe glamping. This would be it. With how easy glamping is straight out the box and then the extras you can add - just to make things even easier and luxurious, it really is an effortless holiday.


Moving on from effortless - since glamping is so relaxing, you’ll be full of energy to enjoy each day of your holiday. You’ll not be tired from putting up your tent or from getting no sleep because of the rain on the canvas of your tent. Instead you’ll wake up refreshed and ready to go!

Eating outdoors

Glamping and al fresco dining is just something that works. Most likely because you’re having a barbecue or the British weather is doing it’s thing and shining the sun on you. At least if it rains though, you can eat inside with no troubles.

You could even have your birthday outside

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