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You may have been glamping for years or you may never have been glamping before - either way, I suspect you’ve probably come across a few buzzwords from the glamping scene, which  left you wondering what on earth they meant.

Before we get into the A-Z (literally) of glamping, I’ll start with the most basic of them all:


The word glamping is a mix up of glamorous and camping, to make glamourous camping and therefore - glamping! Love it or hate it, the word is here to stay and is used to describe all sorts of luxury camping accommodation styles.

It’s really just a word which describes any camping style accommodation, which has been made more luxurious than you would expect. And even if you aren’t a fan of the word, you’ll find yourself getting used to it soon enough with glamping massively on the rise at the moment.

Lets get to it



Adventure is key to every glamping holiday. Even if you wouldn’t consider yourself to be very adventurous,a small adventurous step like trying a new activity or staying up late to watch the northern lights count. So don’t rule out adventure on your holiday!

Onsite or offsite - there is endless possibilities for adventure

If you really like adventure, but also a perfect nights sleep then glamping is the perfect accommodation. Often situated near big mountains, scenic beaches or incredible history - you can really explore your surroundings, without any of the discomfort of sleeping in a tent.

Activity Centre

Often the source of a lot of fun is an activity centre. Activity centres, are usually filled with adventurous activities, but also plenty of activities if you are just wanting to chill out. Whether it’s pottery painting, fishing, or high wire adventure you’re sure to find something for you at an activity centre.

Lots of glamping sites are essentially - activity centres. With lots of onsite activities, there is no need to travel for your thrills or chills, you can do it all onsite and spend more time having fun than travelling about.


To really complete the section of A in our glampers dictionary, Action really fits in. What is a little adventure and activity centre, without it being action packed. We know that your holidays are precious and often you want to jam in as much as possible - which is why glamping holidays can be easily “action packed”. Often you can pre-book activities in advance to avoid disappointment and not waste any time of your holiday deciding what to do, and spend the time doing what you want to do!



To those of you unfamiliar with glamping, you may be wondering what on earth bunting is doing in this list, but to those who truly know how to glamp in style this makes total sense.

It's the little things, which make all the difference.

For those that don’t know, bunting is essentially some string with small flags (of any design) placed along it. You’ll often find it towns and villages if it’s a gala week or similar. However, it can really transform your Wigwam from ordinary to extraordinary. If you’re really going to put the glamourous into glamping then bunting is a must have.

Bed Linen

If you’re a hardened camper or seasoned Wigwammer, you maybe aren’t used to bed linen and camping going together.

Traditionally - Wigwams were for those without a tent, but still brought their sleeping bag. Things have changed. Now you needn’t forgo any comfort and have standard or even premium bed linen waiting for you on arrival to your glamping accommodation.

Barm Cake (or Oven Bottom … or Cob … or Bread Bun … terminology varies!)

If you’re not from a particular area of England, you may be wondering what on earth a Barm Cake is. You might also be trying to work out what the other variations are in the title. These are all your standard baker's roll. Something you might fill with bacon, sausage or egg in the morning.

Since a hot filled roll is definitely a glamping favourite, the diversity of the word had to be included in this dictionary. So if you’re asking for your local name for a hot filled roll in an area you’re unfamiliar with, don’t be surprised to be met with some confused faces.


This is an easy one - we all understand it, but no list of glamping words would be complete without barbecue.

You can’t go on a glamping holiday without a barbecue - it’s just virtually impossible. It’s hot and sunny outside and nobody wants to be cooking over a stove. Just stick your ingredients over the charcoal, wait until it’s cooked just right and hey-presto you have your dinner. Easy as.

After dinner you can cook your marshmallows over the fire

Big Chief

A Big Chief is our biggest Wigwam which doesn’t have an en-suite. A Big Chief Wigwam is ready for anything. Perfectly warm and spacious for up to five people. Plenty of storage and even a fridge and microwave too. If you’re after glamping without all the bells and whistles (and to save a bit of cash), staying in a Big Chief is definitely for you.

You can find out more about the Big Chief here.

Blankets … the fluffy variety for cool evenings

Nice and simple here - when the evening comes and with it the cooler weather, but it’s a beautiful night outside, it’s just perfect to get under a blanket and keep warm whilst chatting around the fire and under the stars.

Binoculars … to stargaze with

And whilst you’re blanket and wishing you could make out the stars a little better, some binoculars might come in handy.

Bespoke beefburgers

Often you’ll find glamping sites on a working farm. If it’s the right kind of farm you can might find yourself able to acquire some pretty tasty beef burgers of the farm’s own variety onsite.

Too many words for one day

With so many words in the glampers dictionary, we won’t throw them at you all at once. Stay tuned for more of the Glampers Dictionary.

If you have any suggestions for the glampers dictionary, please let us know by messaging us on Facebook.

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