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So, 2016 is here. Have you made some New Year Resolutions? Let Wigwam Holidays help you stick to them…

Eat well

Wigwam Holidays now have over 70 locations nationwide … that’s over 70 places to try different foods, eat healthily or maybe rediscover your love of cooking with a Wigwam barbeque! All regions of the UK promote their local foods so be sure to visit the farmers markets, the cafes and restaurants near where you are enjoying your glamping stay. For some tasty ideas you should check out Visit Britain for some inspiration.

Bowl of citrus fruit Copyright - Jennifer Chait

Move more

Love or loath exercise, Wigwam Holidays sites are ideal for encouraging a bracing walk, a challenging bike ride or even a first-time surf! Not forgetting you can relax in your Wigwam after your efforts. Wigwam Holidays staff are experts about the local area, so ask about great walking paths, cycle routes or a different running tracks near the Wigwam site you are staying. Or, if you haven’t booked your Wigwam break yet, prepare to be inspired!

Find a new interest

If the New Year signals a time to acquire a new skill or renew a previous interest, then Wigwam Holidays can help you do this! Canoeing? Crafts? Stargazing? Bush craft? Owl watching? Many of our sites offer events and themed weekends open to Wigwam guests. Perfect! Wigwam Holidays Locations will I'm sure spark a new idea for you.

Stop smoking

Wigwams are non-smoking cabins and although you can smoke in the fresh air, surely that goes against the grain! Enjoying the great outdoors can help you overcome those cravings and rediscover the joys of nature. This year, you can give up for good! You can also get help from the NHS.

Cut back on drinking

This is a tricky one as many of us associate relaxation with opening a bottle of wine or enjoying a pint of beer. As most Wigwam sites are in peaceful locations there’s nothing nicer than enjoying glass of pinot noir as the sun sets. Perhaps the best advice if you do drink is all things in moderation so you and others can enjoy the experience. A good place to start is to visit Drink Aware and be honest about how much you enjoy a tipple or two!

Be green

With the recent turbulent weather, our thoughts may have turned to the impact we have on the environment. Wigwam cabins are constructed from sustainably sourced timber; many sites have good to excellent green policies; and with the reduction in air miles by taking your ‘staycation’, you could be seen to be doing your ‘bit’! For some help hints about being green while on your hols visit the WWF website.

Caffeine, sugar, salt

If you can’t do without your tea/coffee, piece of chocolate or a sprinkling of salt on your food, then Wigwam Holidays can help! There’s nothing like a great holiday in the great outdoors to sharpen the appetite, give you a natural energy burst and leave you feeling refreshed. Wigwam Holidays has some amazing suggestions at the click of a button.