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We always get so excited when a new Wigwam® site is born, and when we got these amazing pictures from the Isle of Eigg Wigwams it makes it all the more exciting.

And, if you saw our latest 'Meet the Team' post featuring Christo Gallagher, this is the Wigwam® site he wants to travel to. Let's hope he gets to go there soon.

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The Isle of Eigg is situated to the south of Skye on the west coast of Scotland. We've been lucky enough to get these amazing photos from Greg Carr, a photographer based on the island. And looking at these images, it's easy to see why people flock to the island for all it's various activites.

Isle of Eigg Wigwams_0007.jpg

Greg Carr Photography

Isle of Eigg Wigwams_0005.jpg

Greg Carr Photography


Eigg Adventures is a local adventure business run by husband and wife, Lorraine and Owen, who will be managing the Wigwams on the island. Because visitors aren't allowed to bring cars to the island (you can walk around it in a day!) Eigg Adventures hire bikes to people wanting to explore the island on wheels. They also hire kayaks and you can pretend to be Katniss from the Hunger Games and try your hand at archery, though personally Merida from Brave would be my inspiration!

The Isle of Eigg currently has 3 Wee Brave Wigwams® which offers accommodation for up to 4 adults in each Wigwam and they are situated close to the main hub of the Island.

Isle of Eigg Wigwams_0010.jpg

So, what can you do on Eigg. Well, you can climb An Sgurr, go bird watching and look for Golden Eagles, explore Massacre Cave with it's gruesome past or relax on the many sandy beaches and enjoy the views.

Isle of Eigg Wigwams_0006.jpg

Greg Carr Photography

Isle of Eigg Wigwams_0008.jpg

Greg Carr Photography

Isle of Eigg Wigwams_0009.jpg

Greg Carr Photography


A few facts about the Isle of Eigg:

  • It has the first completely wind, water and sun-powered electricity grid in the world.
  • It is 9km long and 5km wide.
  • Eigg was bought in 1997 by a community buy-out and is now owned by the Isle of Eigg Heritage Trust
  • The Sgurr of Eigg is the largest single piece of rock in the British Isles and walkers are treated to amazing views after making the climb to the top.

It's fair to say that while Eigg is only a small island, it's certainly packed with choice to give you an amazing holiday.

To book your Isle of Eigg Wigwam® click here.