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As part of our 'Meet the Team' series of articles, you will get a chance to meet a few of our staff. This week we have Christo, who is the go to man when it comes to any of our technical marketing, online booking and future web developments. Having just completed his degree at Edinburgh Napier University, Christo is now with us full time and working on some exciting projects.

Let's get to meet him then shall we?

Christo mountain biking and the Wigwam van

Christo is a lot cleaner in the office


How did you become involved with Wigwam Holidays?

"I used to manage a mountain bike race team, sponsored by Wigwam Holidays and slowly ended up doing a bit of work here and there for the business until I ended up in a full time job."

What are your main roles in the business?

"Well I have quite a varied job, talking with sites, organising our social media and a lot of our technical marketing ventures as well. It's all a lot of fun, and there is the online booking service we provide, which I make sure runs smoothly and if there are any issues, like someone forgetting to add their kids to their booking, I make sure it is solved quickly."

What is your favourite part about working for Wigwam Holidays?

"It's got to be the people. Everyone involved loves Wigwams and it's just great to bring that to the customer."

Where was the 1st Wigwam Holidays site you stayed at?

"I first stayed in a Big Chief at Strathfillan and have since stayed at numerous Wigwam sites across the UK."

Which Wigwam site would you like to stay at but haven't yet?

"There is a new site on the Isle of Eigg.  That looks pretty cool and I'd love to stay there."

Christo Gallagher mountain biking

Where would be your favourite place to travel?

"I would love to go to New Zealand"

Best thing about glamping?

"It's cool!"

What's your essential glamping item?

"A water bottle."

What do you get up to outside of work?

"Outside of work, I take a bit of a contrast to the Wigwam life and race my mountain bike all over the world. Only last weekend, I was racing in the Enduro World Series in County Wicklow, Ireland. It's a lot of fun travelling the world and racing bikes, and fortunately Wigwam Holidays is supportive enough to let me take the time off to do it."

Christo Gallagher mountain biking

What's your worst accident whilst mountain biking?

"I've had loads of accidents, but probably dislocating my shoulder was the worst."

Do you have any interesting stories about your mountain biking?

"Well I drove for four days to Croatia to race on an island and it was pretty much the best thing I've ever done"

I mean - this is the coolest place ever, right?

I mean - this is the coolest place ever, right?

What do you love?

"Shredding on my mountain bike!"

What don't you love?


Is there anything you're working on you can share with the customer just now?

"Unfortunately not yet, as it's top secret but we should be able to reveal it very soon."

And lastly, tea or coffee?

"It's always green tea."


You can follow Christo on instagram under the username of Christo_g