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We’ve all been there. It’s the middle of August. You’ve optimistically only packed clothes for 25 degree weather. And. It’s raining. It has been since you arrived at your Wigwam four days ago.

In typical British fashion – sods law states that on your week away that it will be absolutely tipping it down. Not to worry though. We’ve come up with a ‘How To’ guide on how to have fun on your Wigwam Holiday even if it’s raining cats and dogs all week.

    Make a pillow fort

    – With all the bedding in the Wigwam, and the mattresses being easily moved around, making yourself a top notch pillow fort will only require a touch of creativity. Check out wikiHow for a few simple tips on how to make the most out of your pillow fort.
  Glamping Pillow Fort

Ok, so you probably didn't bring lights with you, but I'm pretty sure with some creativity you can get close to this in a Wigwam

  1. Jump in the puddles

    – Now I know I said this was about how to have fun IN your Wigwam on a rainy day, but bare with me.

As long as it’s not too cold outside, embracing the rain can be a lot of fun. Don the waterproofs. Slip into your wellies. And head outside. Stroll along the beach. Run through all the puddles. Slide down that bank that looks oh so fun.

Glamping puddle barefoot

This might be a bit much for Winter Glamping, but for the Summer it's definitely recommended

Once you’ve embraced the rain, and whether or not you enjoyed, what comes next is the best part. They say to experience pleasure, you must endure pain. First you got soaked and possibly cold, but the feeling of putting on warm dry socks is totally worth it in my opinion. Following this, it’s probably time to get into the pillow fort you just made and then progress onto step three.  

  1. Read a book

    – It seems to me that reading books is just something we avoid these days. We read magazines, blogs, and the news online, but there is something about having a physical book in your hands that you just can’t beat. Personally I’d recommend something that you’ve been recommended by a friend, just to increase the likelihood that it’ll have you absolutely gripped and finding yourself in the pillow fort for hours at a time.
Reading glamping holiday

It's as simple as it looks. Pick up a book and start reading. Before you know it, you'll not be able to put it down.

  1. Play the travel board games

    - Now that you’ve spent some time reading a book, it’s probably about time to bring out the travel board games and really have some fun. A good one for in the Wigwam is Scrabble since there is likely to be no internet, so nobody can be cheating on their phone.
  1. Enjoy the onsite activities

    – A lot of the Wigwam sites provide onsite activities, which happen rain or shine. For example, up at The Loft Wigwams & Activity Centre, you can play indoor laser tag in an old barn, or down at Secret Valley Wigwams you can take part in the indoor archery.
  Glamping Water Zorbing

This is definitely going to involve a lot of frustration and a lot of laughter

These tips probably seem fairly obvious, but we’ve been on a holiday, when it rains and we seem to end up doing nothing except sit around and watch DVD’s or visit a run-down local attraction and never think to do the above. So next time you find yourself on holiday and it just won’t stop raining, try the steps above and I guarantee you’ll have a good time!