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Making sure you get a good deal on your holiday is always important. Whether you are going abroad or staying closer to home, it all comes down to how much it’s going to cost. I like to think, no matter what your price point is, there is always the right kind of holiday for you out there. Just maybe you haven’t looked in all the right places for it.

The ability to find a good deal, you could almost consider a fine art. We all seem to know someone who always goes away on a cheap holiday and never pays more than you.

So, how does one go about finding a great deal – regardless of the time of year? Well there are the obvious solutions of booking early. Travel operators, love to sell cheap holidays six months in advance, but not all of us can plan that far ahead or have the available funds so early on, so it’s not always suitable.

Booking late is the other option. Whilst you aren’t always guaranteed a holiday, travel operators often flog spare rooms and seats on flights last minute just to make sure they are filled – so it’s always worth looking if you suddenly decide you fancy a trip over the weekend.

The alternative holiday market is another great solution. It can be a bit nerve wracking paying out for a new experience, but in many cases the risk is worth it. You’ll find many great deals and probably one of the best holidays of your life.

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Wigwam® Holidays is the current market leader in terms of glamping brands out there. You can reduce that risk of booking an alternative holiday when you book a holiday in a Wigwam. With 80 sites around the UK, you can go and basically any type of Wigwam Holiday (farm, forest, adventure, coast and more). Not only that, but there are Wigwam Holidays to fit any price point. With single night stays starting from as low as £30 in a small Wigwam.

For a bit more information on how to find a great deal this Spring, listen to the Ask Sarah show below from Share Radio!