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‘Hot tub’ – the very phrase conjures images of relaxed luxury: warm, soothing water; time to chill out; let those worries melt away!

Hot tubs are synonymous with glamping, placed next to an extravagant airstream trailer or adjacent a heated, spacious Wigwam® cabin.

As well as having supposed health benefits, hot tubs force you to take time out, and enjoy the heated H2O.

Yet there’s hot tubs and there’s … well, hot tubs! And the hot tub concept and its associated rituals are really nothing new …

For example, bathing in Ancient Roman times was raised to a high art status, as lavish architecture was constructed where natural hot springs were prevalent.

Romans socialised in these communal areas, known as thermae, wherein courtship an even business deals were carried out while they enjoyed the natural, warm water around them.

Jacuzzi® is now a word that has become an accepted term for a type of hot tub, usually with jets and maybe underwater lights.

The original hydrotherapy jet was invented by the Jacuzzi® brothers back in 1956, and by the 1970s, their first outdoor hot tub was ‘born’. Jacuzzi® is a now a respected worldwide brand in the hot tub industry.

Another nation that can claim some hot tub heritage is Sweden, whose hot tub designs are usually made of timber, heated by a fire lit beneath the wide, wooden ‘barrel’-like frame made from vertical staves.

With the glamping industry becoming ever more luxurious, hot tubs are increasingly high on customer’s wish lists.

Wigwam® Holidays has a number of sites with hot tubs alongside luxurious camping cabins, giving customers the chance to enjoy some serious glamping!

Humble Bee Farm, Brampton and Herding Hill are all in the north of England offering a first class hot tub experience.

Secret Valley and Evenlode cover the beautiful Cotswolds and South West, while Hill Farm and Orchard is about an hour’s train ride from London.

With a mixture of wood-fired and manufactured hot tubs, it’s the ideal opportunity to kick back and chillax at these Wigwam® glamping sites.

Yet one thing is for sure – hot tub glamping is here to stay and is there for you to enjoy.

So as you sit back and relax, you are safe in the knowledge that hot tubs are nothing new and have been with us for centuries, in one form or another.

Now it’s your turn to discover the true meaning of relaxation!