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A stroll on the beach, a dip in the sea – there’s nothing like a trip to the seaside!

The best way to enjoy listening to the surf and seagulls is to book your glamping break and enjoy a Wigwam® cabin!

As you enjoy your ice cream, it’s easy to forget the seashore is a living, breathing environment that surrounds the British Isles, with an incredibly complex ecosystem.

The coastal regions of the UK are there for you to enjoy, providing it’s safe to do so and also if you follow the Seashore Code in ten easy steps …

  • Found a starfish or a whelk? Leave them where you found them. Some creatures have shells for protection and many hide under rocks, seaweed or even in the sand. Do not collect living plants or animals
  • Take great care when touching soft-bodied creatures, and of course, always wash your hands afterwards
  • Carefully lift and replace any rocks you move – small creatures need them for shelter
  • Leave seaweed in place
  • We all love rock pooling, but try not to trample through these as it disturbs any sea life that may be using these.
  • Collect only empty shells and then only a few
  • Pebbles and rocks belong on the beach, and in many areas it is actually an offence to collect them for your own use.
  • Wildlife such as seals should be approached with great care – they can give you a nasty bite
  • Watch seabirds at a distance and remember to take to binoculars
  • But most of all… remember to take your camera to capture that wild, rugged beauty of the seaside

And while there are two tides a day, and the sands or pebbled beaches are ‘refreshed’ twice a day, the seaside has adapted to the ebbs and flows of the seawater.

So enjoy the refreshing salty air by booking your glamping cabin and following the Seashore Code.