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What have Machu Picchu, the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China got in common with Cornwall? They are all parts of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Various mining landscapes across Cornwall and West Devon were inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site on 13th July 2006.

This year, they celebrate their 10th (or tinth as they describe it (all will become clear!)) anniversary.

Cornish Mining Coast - Image by https://www.flickr.com/photos/big-ashb/  

So, being completely ignorant of the history of Cornish Mining, I dug a little deeper and discovered some interesting facts.

  • The first tin cans to store food were so thick they could only be opened by a hammer. Cornish Tin made its way to the tin plate works of South Wales and eventually the tins grew thinner and easier to open.
  • As the copper and tin industry faded in Cornwall, many migrated to South Africa to prosper in the diamond mines. The cornish also took wrestling, pasties, saffron cakes and rugby to South Africa (though we won't mention the rugby!).
  • By 1865 nearly half of immigrants to South Australia were Cornish and Cornish miners founded Australia's mineral industry.
  • The Cornish cured cholera.  The pumping engines built by the Cornish foundries pumped London's water and this was crucial in eradicating cholera.
Cornish Coast - Image by https://www.flickr.com/photos/martyn404/  

To celebrate this tinth anniversary there are loads of exciting activities taking place all across the areas. Educational activities, leisure activites, nature activities and adventure and sporting activities, with a lot of them being free too.

And this area is a great one for spotting celebrities.  Dawn French, Rick Stein, Richard & Judy and even Madonna all have a connection with the area.  See if you can get a selfie with the celebs!  Or, will they be filming Doc Martin while you're visiting Port Issac, we're big fans in the office!

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