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You’ve been waiting for this glamping break for weeks. The kids have been counting down the sleeps and your smile widened as you set up your out of office email.

You’re packed, in the car and on your way. When all of a sudden a little voice pipes up from the back, “Daddy, what games did you bring for us to play with?”. You quickly scan the items you packed - wine, beer, chocolate and your comfy tracksuit, but no matter how hard you try, you cannot remember packing games for the kids.

Fear not! We have the answer and it’s completely free. Tell the kids you’re going au natural with the games this holiday and you’re continuing family traditions that have been passed down from generations (aka wing it!).

Cloud spotting

This is a great game when you want a few moments peace. Lie down next to each other and just look at the clouds. See what shapes you can make out of it, the more bizarre the better. Just be careful you don’t fall asleep though as it can be a very relaxing game.

spot the clouds

And what animal can you see in this image? Image by Bernt Rostad

Or you could just have a science lesson and use this guide to name the different types of clouds.

Pick up sticks

This game is a firm favourite from our childhood days and it’s so easy to play.

Play Pick Up Sticks

Image by ArtfulBlogger

Get some sticks, any shapes and sizes, drop them onto the floor and pick only one stick up (without moving any of the other sticks) to win that stick. If you move another stick play passes to the next person. The winner is the one with the most sticks at the end.


There are so many different games in which you can use pebbles or stones. Here are just a few:

Target Practice

One of the easiest is to find a target and use stones or pebbles to hit it (obviously not a live target!). The first to hit it wins. You can make it as easy or as difficult as you like depending on which target you’re aiming at.

Stone Boules

Each person needs 3 stones (ideally each 3 should look similar) and one large stone or a target. Take it in turn to get your stone as close as you can to the target stone. The winner is the one with the closest stone to the target.


Oh the joy of finding the perfect skimming stone. We literally can’t pass a stream, river or reservoir without looking for skimming stones. There’s even the World Stone Skimming Championships taking place on 25th September 2016 at Easdale Island, Argyll.

Stone Stacking

An obvious game but a great one to play. It’s simply a balancing game and the aim of the game is to stack as many stones on top of each other as possible. This can get highly addictive, especially when you start looking for the best stacking stones so your tower doesn’t topple. You can either take turns stacking the stones up, or you can have a competition where everyone builds their own tower to see who can stack the most.

Play with the stones around you

Image by LadyDragonFlyHerWorld

I Spy or I Don’t Spy

Obviously we’ve all played this but have you tried the alternative version. You simply say what you can’t see. “I don’t spy ‘an animal’ starting with the letter T”. My kids prefer this than the traditional game.

I Went to the Shops and Bought…

I used to love this game as a kid, simply because I had the best memory of anyone in my family. Everytime we played it I won, so it was always my first choice when I chose the games. And to encourage your children to pack their own bag for their holiday you can easily change it. I went glamping and took my… sleeping bag, water bottle, swimming costume, cuddly toy!

Have a great glamping trip and don’t forget to tag us in your photos @wigwamholidays

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