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Camping is supposed to be a way of getting back to basics. Enjoying a simpler life and getting away from the modern world, but somehow it ends up being more stressful than ever.

Whether it's because you've not put your tent up in basically forever or you're missing a few pegs (and even more than last time), getting that tent up can be a bit of a nightmare - even when you're lucky enough to put it up under a blue sky and no wind. Bring the wind back and add in some rain and stress can reach an all time high. Especially if the kids decide that it's not much fun either.

Even when the tent is finally up and you've sat down - beer/wine/cup of tea in hand, it's time to relax. It's quite windy though and the rain is hammering down on the tent  making the grass under the ground sheet pretty darn squelchy and then you finally give in - "I should've gone glamping".

Ditch the Tent & Go Glamping

There is definitely the hardy bunch out there who will never give up the tent. Unwilling to afford themselves the extra comfort a glamping holiday can provide because they can't appreciate comfort without discomfort.

However, there are those that can be persuaded. Maybe you are one of them? Do you love camping, but it's really not the stress free holiday that is portrayed? Do you love the outdoors, but not so much the faff that comes with it? Well it sounds like glamping is for you!

VW Green campervan parked next to wooden Wigwam

Keep Calm & Go Glamping

The life of a glamper is a simple one. Whether you're working the 9-5 or always busy with the kids, a glamping holiday can be booked online in a matter of minutes. Whether you make your booking on your lunch break or discretely on your phone under the desk is up to you, but it's so simple, it'll barely affect your busy schedule.

Not a fan of packing? Well this is where glamping really comes into it's own. Most glamping sites around the UK offer bedding packages, which can be pre-booked, so you needn't worry about forgetting sleeping bags, pillows or towels. It can all be waiting for you on arrival.

James and Katharine relax at Brampton Wigwams

Al fresco dining without the wobbly camping table and chairset.

Glamping is Easy!

Are you really on holiday if it feels like work? A happy glamper takes all the shortcuts and reaps the rewards. If you know the story of the tortoise and the hare, the morale of that story doesn't apply to glamping.

Arriving on site, there is no dread of putting up the tent. Just open up your Wigwam® crack open a bottle of beer or wine, stick the kettle on, grab a seat and relax. You can even put the rest of your drinks in the fridge (beats constantly refreshing ice packs in the cool box)!


Home Time

Never the best part of any holiday - unless maybe you spent a week camping in the rain? Forget about packing up the tent. Forget about drying it when you get home or having to untangle all the guy ropes because you packed it in a hurry. When you're on a glamping holiday just pack your bags. Grab anything you've left in the fridge and stick it all in the car. Return the key to reception and drive home. Simple as that really. Infact, the lack of packing up time will probably prolong your actual holiday time by about an hour maybe? Depends on how quick you can pack up I guess.


Running-Water-Duluxe-Wigwam-InternalInside the Running Water Deluxe Wigwam®

Inside the Running Water Deluxe Wigwam®Inside the Running Water Deluxe Wigwam®

An Easy Holiday is a Happy Holiday

If you're one of those hardy campers, who couldn't quite bring themselves to give in to an easier holiday, maybe I've persuaded you now. If not, then I wish you a slightly envious good luck, because whilst a glamping holiday is truly relaxing, a camping holiday has that wholesome experience you just can't quite match unless you're out camping in the wild. If you're just camping on a campsite, then why deny yourself the luxury of a comfy bed and warm nights sleep?