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Dog friendly glamping options are popping up everywhere in the UK now! While it might have once been considered that dog owners are a hardier bunch, and interested in keeping that stereotype, I think it's fair to say that this is no longer the case.

For the dog owners not afraid of asking for a bit of comfort and sharing it with their best four legged friend then glamping holidays are just plain awesome. And lets not forget, that our best friend isn't afraid of a bit of comfort too.

Why Dogs Love Glamping

1. It's warm inside.

This isn't camping. Inside your chosen glamping accomodation you'll usually find an electric heater or even a wood burning stove. And what dog doesn't like to curl up in front of a heater after a day of running around outside?

2. There is lots of interesting things to sniff.

They say curiosity killed the cat, but the dog probably wasn't far behind. On a glamping site though there is plenty going on for your dog have a nosy around. Whether it's whilst you're out on a walk or just relaxing on site, there will always be something interesting to be found, sniffed, licked or run around.

Wigwam _ dogs

3. It's safe.

We might like to think our dogs are pretty clever. They will sit on command, lie down on command and stay still while you balance things on it's head, but lets not forget they can be pretty silly too. Many glamping sites are traffic free, which means you needn't worry about your dog running into any trouble.


4. It's awesome outside.

It can get lonely being a dog at home whilst you are out at work. On your glamping holiday though you aren't at work and therefore your best bud is never lonely and always pestering you to throw something for him/her. And the best thing about a glamping holiday is there is plenty of space outside for your dog to be chasing and fetching and exploring!


5. Getting to seriously laze around.

Some dogs out there in the world, would never let you for a minute think that they enjoy relaxing. Forever bringing you something to fetch. But let me tell you...it's all a rouse. They are just like us and enjoy just sitting back and relaxing in the sun. So don't feel bad when you take a moment to enjoy the good weather because your dog is enjoying too whether secretly or not.

Bracken chilling out on a dog friendly glamping holiday.

My friend Bracken loves to chill out.


More Dog Friendly Glamping Holidays

Not that you will, but if you still need further persuasion to bring your four legged friend on your next glamping holiday then you can browse all the Wigwam® Holidays dog friendly glamping sites on our website.