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As a walker, there is always things you come across that can really throw a spanner in the works. Country Walking Magazine have devised a list of 22 of them and we thought it was rather funny, so had to repost it!

1 - When you don't know whether to speed up to pass the people in front or take a snack break you don't really want.

2 - When your cheery hello is met with an uncomprehending glare.

3 - Discovering you put the plain crisps in your lunch by mistake.


4 - When you realise you haven't checked the map in a while and remember it doesn't have a 'you are here' arrow on it.



5 - When you realise your calculated risk not to stop and put your waterproof on for that shower because you get as wet from sweat anyway was patently wrong.

And you end up looking like this either way.

And you end up looking like this either way.

6 - When it's time to admit that's a false top.

7 - Realising you're going to have to pay 145.99p a litre for fuel from a non-franchise petrol station.

8 - Cows on the path.

Cows on the path

Or in the town?

9 - When you step on a rock in a bog and as it sinks beneath your feet you realise it's the bones of a dead sheep

10 - The idea of retracing any steps.

Footsteps on the beach

Unless you're on the beach...then it's easy

11 - When you realise your secluded pee-stop isn't quite as secluded as you thought but you are fully committed.

12 - When you see a yellow helicopter hovering above you.

13 - When you suspect your water bottle has leaked in your rucksack.

14 - ‘Jokey’ signs by farmers like "Trespassers will be shot. Survivors will be shot again”

Trespassers will be shot

15 - A large group coming towards you.

16 -  The flock of sheep that seems to be stalking you across a field.

17 - People who take ‘kissing' gates literally.

18 - When the path turns out to be a sheep track.

19 - When a child or spouse’s morale sags.

20 - When you see a footpath diversion sign.

21 - When a cow starts walking towards you. Or a sheep. Or a dog. Or a farmer. Or a local.

22 - Horses.

Big horse

Big horse or small lady?


Thanks to Country Walking Magazine for letting us share this article!