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So, the last mince pie has been eaten.
You need to let the belt out a couple of inches.
You feel just that bit sluggish.
Time for a new start, maybe?
You’ll be sick of hearing about dry January, cutting back on fatty (and therefore tasty!) foods, and how to move about more.
Here at Wigwam® Holidays, we’ve come up with our own New Year’s Resolutions. Perhaps these will be easier to keep!

  1. Relax more! Get more unplugged time. Put down that smartphone or tablet and escape the hectic daily grind in a Wigwam® Cabin.
  2. Enjoy ‘the great outdoors’ here in Blighty! While many of us will have on overseas holiday in 2018, ‘staycations’ are an affordable choice and a brilliant way to enjoy the countryside. Think daffodils, lambing time, Easter Eggs … you get the picture!
  3. Get to know yourself. Our cabins are, of course, perfect for a family break, but are ideal for a solo travelling experience. How often do you have quality time to yourself? Get some this year!
  4. Become a bit greener! By staying in a Wigwam® Cabin, you are also ‘signing up’ to helping a home-grown company to develop; you are helping the local economy to flourish; helping make use of sustainable timber (our cabins are made from responsible sources).
  5. Make new friends! Well, only if you want to. The Wigwam® Experience tends to attract like-minded people and as such can offer a totally immersive experience of a peaceful holiday with pleasant people.
  6. Learn to make a fire! It’s surprising how many of us would not know how to make a campfire burn. Okay, so our firepits aren’t exactly what ‘Bear Grylls’ would teach you, but there’s something hugely satisfying in being able to light a fire and looking after it.
  7. Find a new interest. Many Wigwam® Sites offer great experiences, from pottery-making to archery. It might be something that you’ve never considered, so why not give it a go!
  8. Learn to love the simple things in life. Watch that sun rise; see the first swallows of summer arrive; be able to identify a bird of prey … there are so many things that we overlook or take for granted.
  9. Surprise the one(s) you love! You can contact our Wigwam ® Sites and book a holiday as a surprise for your partner and/or family. Or maybe you could order a bottle of bubbly, chilled and ready to drink on arrival …
  10. Learn to cook ‘al fresco’! Most Wigwam® Sites have access to an outdoor bbq so you can cook in the open air. Somehow the food tastes even better when eaten outdoors – and you can relax while enjoying the delicious smells!

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