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Want the Perfect Wedding Journey? Turn to Wigwam® Holidays!

Preparing the perfect wedding requires precision planning - so if you're feeling the pressure, turn to Wigwam® Holidays for a helping hand!

Spacious, fully heated, insulated timber cabins in memorable and photogenic locations, Wigwam® Holidays is perfect for every stage of your nuptial 'journey'.

What are Wigwam® Cabins?

Our timber Wigwam® Cabins are spacious, British-made and available in four different models, each accommodating between three and five guests.

From a Wee Brave to a Running Water Deluxe (which includes an en-suite bathroom and kitchenette) there's a perfect 'pod' for you as you take 'the plunge'!

We currently have over 80 sites across the British Isles, perfect for one or all the exciting stepping stones of your wedding preparations.

Hens And Stags?

Whether your wedding is to be grand affair or an intimate ceremony, organising that important hen or stag party is often regarded as a key part of the wedding experience.

It's fair to say that Wigwam® Sites are not necessarily places where you can dance the night away. And while there's plenty of the other types of accommodation that are close to nightclubs and bars, Wigwam® Holidays usually offer a more sedate way of celebrating. After all, not everyone wants to throw some dance floor shapes yielding glow sticks!

Instead, think peaceful hills, lochs and even remote islands, and you're getting close. Gather your closest friends and family for the celebration that says farewell to your former life and helps you look forward to your new one with your life partner.

Second Time Around?

For those of you who are getting married a second time, or perhaps renewing your existing vows, then a pre-wedding short break, with lots of special treats, could be just the tonic.

For the girls, it could be some fairy lights, bunting, outdoor candles, cup-cakes ... for the lads, it could be a fabulous campfire and a chance to catch up while cooking on the barbeque, perhaps a visit to the local golf course, or maybe the chance to catch a freshwater fish or two. Or vice versa, of course!

The Big Day

The actual wedding day and the 'gathering of the clans' is the pinnacle of your hard work, and a number of Wigwam® Sites accept wedding parties once the ceremony has taken place. Locations with a communal barn or outbuildings are ideal, so a good old knees-up is possible. It's best to negotiate with the site owner, as you might be able to book the whole site, so there's no grumbling from non-wedding guests.

Peaceful Union

The beauty of Wigwam® Cabins is that if you want a quiet celebration, during which you can take in the natural world around you, watch the starry skies appear and generally recharge the batteries, then this is possible as some locations operate a low noise policy, helping you completely immerse yourself in your new life together.

From Mini-Moons To Honeymoons...

Honeymoons are very important. They're a way to greet the next stage in life's journey. And while a visit to the Caribbean might be on some wish lists, Wigwam® Holidays offer an affordable alternative as many sites offer mini-moon or fully glamping honeymoon packages, in which everything is provided included crisp bed linen, luxury chocolates and locally-sourced breakfast packs.

A Decent Proposal!

And turning full circle, there's been numerous proposals at Wigwam® Holidays sites! So Wigwams® Holidays can truly be with you every step of the way

Just some of the Wigwam® Holidays sites with wedding potential

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