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Christmas Glamping

Christmas is a special time of year. For most of us it's a day to spend time with the family and consume more than our own body weight in food.

There is something about glamping at Christmas that is a lot of fun. Usually, Christmas is spent indoors, with central heating and wooly jumpers, but with glamping - we are are going to have to be outdoors, it's just the nature of it.

Imagine having a barbecue on Christmas Day. Having your favourite sausages and chicken drumsticks, or if you're vegetarian, kebab skewers with halloumi and vegetables. Imagine swapping presents around the camp fire, under the moonlight and stars - it's so different and so much fun.

Snowball fights and building snowmen, instead of arm chairs and Christmas crackers. I won't say a hot (or 40% abv if you know what I mean...) flask of something won't be required because with snow comes the cold, however, when you return to your Wigwam you'll find plenty warmth as they are well insulated and heated.


Wigwam Sites Open For Christmas

Not all our Wigwam sites are open for Christmas unfortunately, but using our online booking page you can search for availability over the Christmas period and get your Christmas Wigwam booked now!

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