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Wigwam Holidays
Wigwam Holidays - Great holidays in the great outdoors
Great Holidays in the great outdoors
Happy to answer any questions about your Wigwam Holiday

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost the same on every Wigwam® Holidays site?

Each site varies in price due to the location/activities offered and which cabins you can stay in. Use our destination map to view information about each individual Wigwam® Holidays site and find one in your price range.

Do all Wigwam® Holiday sites have the same cabins?

Every Wigwam® Holidays site is unique, not all sites have the same Wigwam® Cabins. Use our destination map to view information about each individual Wigwam® Holidays site and book one that suits your needs.

Are all sites suitable for children?

Wigwam® Cabins are incredibly family friendly and most of our Wigwam® Holiday sites are suitable for children of all ages. Please double check with the site to make sure you are booking one suitable for the age of your children.

Family friendly Wigwam sites throughout the UK

How many beds in a Wigwam®?

Each site will have different types of Wigwam® Cabins available to rent with some sleeping 3 adults (or a family of 4) up to a family of 5 in our Big Chief Wigwam®/En-suite Running Water Wigwam® Cabins. Please contact the site directly to see how many to book per Wigwam®. You can also view our range of cabins here.

Cancellation Insurance

Wigwam® Holidays strongly advises each guest to take out independent travel insurance when booking their holiday.

Can we stay for just one night?

During off peak times, sites may offer you the opportunity to book a one night stay without being charged an extra fee. Please check with each individual site to see their terms and conditions regarding one night stays.

Do all sites allow dogs?

A large majority of our sites allow dogs but the odd one will not as they may be on a working croft/farm. Head to and tick dogs allowed to ensure you book a dog friendly site.

Take your dog with you and explore on your Wigwam Holiday

What do I bring on a Wigwam® Holiday?

A Wigwam® Holiday is camping made comfy! Bring all you would when you go camping except the tent! Some sites have linen and crockery to hire so you don't need to bring your own. Check with each individual site to make sure you don't forget anything.

Do all sites have a communal kitchen/toilet block?

Some of our Wigwam® Holiday sites have en-suite cabins and therefore do not have a communal kitchen and toilet block.

Are all Wigwam® Cabins heated?

Yes! All our Wigwam® Cabins have an electric heater so you can stay warm and cosy all year round.

Are all Wigwam® Cabins insulated?

Our Wigwam® Cabins are fully insulated and can be used all year round.

Is there a TV in every Wigwam®?

Many of our Wigwammers like to get away from the mod cons and enjoy a holiday without luxuries. But for those who like a little bit extra some of our sites do have TVs. Please contact the site direct to double check.

What basics can I expect in each Wigwam®?

This depends on which Wigwam® you book. Every Wigwam® has really comfy blue mattresses and an electric heater. Most will have a fridge/microwave/kettle and toaster. Some sites will charge for the hire of a fridge so make sure you double check before booking. Also, some sites have en-suite cabins so you will have a mini kitchen, toilet and shower as well. To see the basic layout of our cabins browse our What is a Wigwam® Section.

Do all sites allow campfires?

We love the fact that most of our sites allow campfires! This truly is great holidays in the great outdoors. Please check with each individual site to see if they allow campfires and their site rules on this topic.

Enjoy cooking on a campfire or roasting marshmallows by your Wigwam

Does every site have a shop/cafe or restaurant?

We love how all our sites are individual and unique. This means not all sites will offer the same on site facilities. Please check with your chosen site to see if they have a shop or restaurant on site.

Is electricity included in the cost of the cabin?

Please check with your site as most sites include electricity in the overall cost however some sites many charge a small fee.

Can I park my car beside the Wigwam®?

Most of our sites have space for one car to park beside their Wigwam®. Alternatively, the site may have a car park for you to park in after dropping off you gear at the Wigwam®. Please check with your individual site in regards to car parking.

Do all Wigwam® Holiday sites have the same check in/out times?

Due to all our sites being so different, check in and out times vary so make sure you check with your site before you turn up. The check in time is clearly outlined in each sites terms and conditions. Please try to stick to these times to allow the site to have the cabin clean and fresh before your stay.

Is smoking allowed in the Wigwam® Cabins?

Smoking is not allowed in the Wigwam® Cabins on any of our sites. We want to create a pleasant environment for all our Wigwammers.

Do all sites have pet free Wigwam® Cabins?

Some sites do offer a pet-free cabin. If you have allergies or prefer to have a cabin that does not allow animals please check and advise the site before booking.

Does every site offer activites?

The greatest thing about our Wigwam® Holidays is that you can choose a site depending on what kind of holiday you are wanting to take. From quiet getaways where it's just you and the great outdoors, to exciting outdoor activities or DIY crafts, you will always find the perfect Wigwam® Holiday for you and your family.

Many of our sites offer group activities from arts and crafts to kayaking

If you have any further questions feel free to contact our friendly Wigwam® team on:

Telephone: 01838 400298 (general Wigwam® Holidays/Cabins enquiries only - please do not phone this number when trying to contact your chosen site).



If your enquiry is about booking a holiday at a specific site then please contact that site directly: site details.

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