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Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Go Glamping in 2016!

Thursday 04 February 2016 @ 00:00
  1. Camping made Comfy – and then some!
It’s pouring with rain. The kids are driving you mad. And you’ve forgotten the tent pegs … sound familiar? Then ‘don’t camp, go for the glamp’ in 2016! With a wide selection of glamping accommodation available – from airstream trailers to tree houses – this year is the year to make the switch from canvas to glamorous camping. Glamping is a hassle-free way of enjoying a camping trip in the great outdoors. The national glamping provider Wigwam Holidays makes camping comfy, in fact, so comfy you may wish to say ‘farewell’ to your groundsheets and guy ropes – forever … Running-Water-Duluxe-Wigwam-Internal

Inside the Running Water Deluxe Wigwam®

Inside the Running Water Deluxe Wigwam®

Inside the Running Water Deluxe Wigwam®

  1. Location, location, location!
Forest, mountain, river, lake, beach … glamping sites are located in some spectacular places, from National Parks to remote islands.  A great alternative to the crowded beach resort, great glamping locations ensure a relaxed holiday, many with spectacular views. Wigwam Holidays has over 70 sites nationwide, so if love to climb mountains, walk for miles or just chill out, then there’s a site for you! Strathfillan Wigwams

You'll often find yourself glampin in incredible locations.

  1. Quality Time.
How many of us decided to spend more quality time with the family and loved ones in 2016? Hectic lives means this is a decision that’s hard to keep. Yet glamping can help! Most sites take bookings online so you are never more than a few clicks away from grabbing that unforgettable break. Some sites also offer an ‘extras’ service, so you can order fresh bed linen, crockery and even a bottle of bubbly to enjoy once the kids are in bed. And given your glamping cabin, hut or trailer gives you warmth and luxury, you can stay for longer than a couple of nights! wigwam-89
  1. Seeing Stars!
The best things in life are free … well, this is nearly true! While you will need to pay for your glamping holiday, stargazing is free. Given many sites tucked away from sources of  ‘light pollution’, as the sun drops and the stars appear, you could be in for a spectacular nocturnal show. Wigwam Holidays includes sites in Yorkshire, Northumberland and Scotland, locations from which the Northern Lights can be viewed. So download a star map, wrap up warm, and be sure to take your binoculars on your glamping trip!  
  1. A Taste for Adventure …
If you like abseiling, surfing or rock climbing, then combine these not-so-trivial pursuits with a perfect glamping stay! The trick is to find out what you’re adrenaline rush might be then head to the web to find out more. Quality Unearthed is a good place to start … 20160204_113132000_iOS  
  1. Gather Around the Campfire …
There’s something hypnotic about a campfire. Throwing out some heat, the relaxing flames take us back in time to when our ancestors survived by gathering wood, drying it out and then creating a fire that would keep them warm and provide hot food. Today, a campfire is a glamping touch that many sites provide.  And while most fires aren’t suitable for cooking anything than a sweet, squidgy marshmallow, you can relax, watch the flames and dream your way into a relaxed evening. Wigwam-Holidays-Campfire  
  1. Going Through a Dry Spell?
If you’re trying to reduce your alcohol intake as part of your New Year promises, then glamping is a great way to either … keep off the bottle, or weaken and have a tipple or two! It’s each to their own, but with glamping there’s either a pub close by or you can bring your own, relax and fetch the corkscrew so you can relish that Rioja in the open air, without having to nominate a driver.  
  1. You’re Never Very Far From a Glamping Site …
The amazing thing about glamping is that there are thousands of sites to choose from. So if you wanted to have a short break away, perhaps just an hour or two from your front door, this is possible. Yet it’s always fun to book somewhere completely different and make the journey to and from the site part of your holiday. No stressful waits in an airport queue. No last minute panic as the passports go walkabout. And no inoculations needed! Try Glamping UK for information, reviews and site suggestions. And Cool Camping is a perennial favourite with campers and glampers.  
  1. Relax … It’s Not That Expensive
Relaxation can be seen as a bit of guilty pleasure! We can feel guilty when we have quality time, but it’s an essential aspect of having a healthy balance in our lives! And while glamping can include some top-notch prices, many providers have reasonable tariffs such as Wigwam® Holidays.  
  1. Don’t Keep it to Yourself!
When you return to work after your glamping break, then you’re not going to be stuck for something to stay on your first day back. When colleagues ask you, ‘Nice holiday?’, you can say ‘Well, I’ve just had the best holiday in years …’   Wigwam-Holidays-Brampton
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