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The Best Father's Day Ever

Monday 13 June 2016 @ 00:00

Follow these 4 steps to give your Dad the best Father's Day ever.

This Father's Day don't deny your Dad the things he loves.

We hear so much about new ideas and new products that your Dad would love to receive but why reinvent the wheel.  Simply give him the things he already loves.

Buy Socks

We already know Dads love socks.  They have hundreds of pairs.  They obviously love them so much. So buy him more. And NEVER deny your Dad the pleasure of wearing socks with sandals. It's a gift bestowed upon so few of us.

Socks and Sandals

Photo by Francis Bourgouin

Set His Alarm Early

Don't let him have a lie in.  This is one of the biggest untold truths of all time.  Dads don't like lie-ins.  You are simply denying your Dad the pleasure of announcing to the whole world that he has been up since the crack of dawn, has already had his breakfast and has bought and read the entire contents of the mornings paper.  So set his alarm early and, er, just keep it secret!

Ditch the SatNav

SatNav must have been invented by a woman.  Only a woman would admit she doesn't know the way and will happily follow travel instructions from a computer.  This Father's Day allow your Dad to realign with his 'inner sat nav'.  Allow him to 'follow his nose' and let him drive the family on an adventure.  You may not know where you're going but you'll know when you get there and your Dad will feel immense pride when you all squeal with delight as you exit the car.  (Please hide the fact that the squeals are simply because you're so glad to escape the feeling of nausea after driving around all those country roads.)

Road to Applecross

Image by Kenny Brown Photography

Do Not Disturb

Now this is definitely the best present you can give your Dad and it won't cost you a penny.  Simply follow him to the bathroom and once he's locked the door (assuming he actually does!) put this on the door.

Do Not Disturb on Father's Day

In fact if you're feeling really generous push his newspaper under the door (perhaps a different one from the morning paper which he read while you were 'still in bed'!) and just leave him.  Leave him for as long as he desires.  And once he's emerged from the bathroom it's probably best if you leave it for a good while.

And if you follow these simple 4 steps he'll have the Best Father's Day Ever.


Alternatively, here are a few other suggestions, just in case...

P.S. This blog was definitely not written by a mother and a wife.  DEFINITELY NOT!!

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