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Can you stay gadget free on your glamping holiday?

Sunday 12 June 2016 @ 00:00

Before the birth of ‘the Web’, ‘Wi-Fi’ and ‘the mobile’, there was a time when we didn’t have a smartphone in the palm of our hands at all times.

While 24/7, instantaneous global communication has its benefits, many of us wish to spend more quality time with loved ones.

And so the term ‘unplugged’ has come into it’s own. There’s even a National Unplugging Day, this year taking place on Monday 26th June with the hash tag #GoGadgetFree.

So could YOU face a few days without communication with the outside world?

National Unplugged Day  

Why not get away from the technology?

recent survey indicates there’s a desire to get back to ‘the old days’ as some parents think technology isn’t healthy for their kids particularly in developing those face-to-face communication skills.

If this sounds familiar, then we’ve got a solution – how about a glamping holiday here in the UK that allows quality time with friends and loved ones?

Wigwam Holidays is the national glamping accommodation provider offering spacious, insulated, heated timber cabins for a great holiday in the great outdoors.


And what’s better than the great outdoors to combat the withdrawal from tablets, smart phones and technology in general? Make time to watch sunset, let the kids play hide and seek, and get back a natural, more relaxed rhythm of life.

While many sites offer Wi-Fi, some sites don’t have full coverage and they’re finding this is a selling point rather than a drawback.


Wallsend Wigwams in picturesque Cumbria finds the lack of Internet connection in their glamping area (there’s Wi-Fi in their tea room) means guests sit outside their cabin, enjoy a bbq and a relaxing campfire – perfect!


There’s rarely a more peaceful spot than coastal Wales, and the new Lleyn Peninsula Wigwams is located in the south-west corner of this proud nation.

With a slow internet connection, Lleyn Wigwams is close to the famous Whistling Sands (Porth Or), so the only sound (other than proper conversation!) should be that of the sand grains ‘whistling’ as you take a peaceful seaside stroll.


If you really can’t face being ‘cut off’ from the outside, world, then Hill Farm and Orchard Wigwams in Buckinghamshire has good 3G or 4G signal yet this Wigwam site finds that guests enjoy the tranquillity and family time becomes a special part of the stay.

Wigwam Holidays National Unplugging Day

Just run wild with it

Black Hall Wigwams in south Shropshire has a farm and leisure centre, but does not have a phone signal (free Wi-Fi is available in communal areas for guests who can’t resist the temptation to log on). Perhaps the best of both worlds here?


With its fabulous coastline along the Banffshire Coast, Aberdeenshire, Greenley Croft Wigwams has one peaceful Wigwam, does not have broadband and a poor mobile signal, neither of which deter guests to this remarkable part of the world.


As a final thought for those of us that find being disconnected with the world too demanding, remember this! I saw a little boy get hold of a book and then attempt to ‘scroll’ the pages on the front cover, then get frustrated when the pages didn’t ‘move’.

Time to get back to what really matters, folks!

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