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Small is Beautiful

Friday 04 March 2016 @ 00:00

If you long for the therapy of a deeply relaxing stay in natural surroundings to undo the stresses of life then the last thing you want is a holiday on a crowded campsite. An idyllic cabin in the wilds with not too many other folks around is just what peace-and-quiet seekers are looking for and if that’s you – there’s no better time to shop around for one of these hidden gems.

Shulista Croft Wigwams Skye

On the picturesque isle of Skye, you'll find Shulista Croft Wigwams

Beautiful rural sites with no more than six camping cabins are to be found dotted around the UK in unique settings - like tucked away farms, romantic leafy orchards, flower filled gardens, dramatic cliff tops, or even on remote islands.

These smaller sites have their own unique character and charm which can make them seem that bit more special – leaving some glampers torn between boasting about finding such a heavenly hideaway and keeping its whereabouts to themselves. So here goes with a few suggestions that you might not want to share!

Tiny sites on islands include Mangersta Croft Wigwams on the lovely Isle of Lewis in the outer Hebrides which has a peach of a white sandy beach just 5 minutes walk from their two luxury en-suite cabins set amidst rolling panoramic views. Glasnakille Wigwams near the shores of Loch Scavaig on the Isle of Skye is another remote  island haven. Here you will find just two cabins in a tranquil setting in a pretty garden overlooking the sea. Owner Francis MacKinnon says guests can’t get over the view, the silence and the beautiful starry skies at night.

Wigwam Holidays Edinburgh

Hilly Cow Wigwams are perched just above Edinburgh, with only 5 Wigwams and beautiful views for miles around.

Greenley Croft Wigwams on the Aberdeenshire coast has just one en-suite cabin on a tranquil site with a small working pottery and gallery. Clwydian Wigwams amidst spectacular scenery in North Wales has 4 luxury en-suite Wigwams spaciously arranged on a picturesque working farm. Wolferlow Wigwams in Herefordshire is also a peaceful smaller site off the beaten track – as is Wallsend Wigwams in Cumbria with its easy access to the Hadrian’s Wall National Trail – and a handy tearoom right on the doorstep.

The three en-suite cabins at Bristol View offer the best of both worlds. They overlook a rolling rural landscape on one side and a magnificent city scape on the other - including the famous Brunel Suspension Bridge. It’s a superb location to view the Bristol International Balloon Fiesta from which fills the skies in August! Site owner George Atwell says glampers often favour small sites like his because they can book all the Wigwams to have the place to themselves for family and friends.

High above Bristol, you'll find Bristol View Wigwams

High above the hustle and bustle of Bristol, you'll find Bristol View Wigwams

The great thing about these smaller sites is often the personal touch – it can almost feel like you’re part of an extended family rather than just one of many faces passing through somewhere bigger. You’ll probably end up following all the news on their Facebook page and look forward to catching up with the owners like old friends on your next visit.

Places with less cabins may not always have the same range of facilities as a much bigger site but on the plus side they may be more laid back and flexible than larger sites are able to be - just some of the many reasons why ‘small’ in the glamping context can be beautiful.

Let’s face it - we all have a romantic part of us that fancies living simply with a peaceful back to basics lifestyle away from it all. It seems to represent the antidote to fast-paced consumer living – an out of reach fantasy that can never become our reality. But thanks to smaller scale holiday accommodation providers we can satisfy that inner yearning and live our idyllic rural dream - if only for a week or so at a time!

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