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Wigwam Holidays How To: Toast a Marshmallow

Monday 10 August 2015 @ 00:00

No Wigwam Holiday would be complete without toasting some marshmallows over an open fire with a hot chocolate. There is nothing quite like sitting round the fire with your friends and family, watching the flames flicker and embers glow, having a good old chat and a laugh. Not much beats it, am I right?

Cooking marshmallows overthe fire

There is always heated, albeit friendly, debates around the campfire about which method is best for toasting the famous marshmallow. Do you wait for the fire to have no flames, and lightly and perfectly toast it over the embers? Do you just set that thing on fire and then have some gorgeous crystallised sugar, which you try your very best not to burn your mouth on and fail every time? Do you live fast and loose and give it a quick browning because you love marshmallows so much, you just can’t wait and are determined to have more than anyone else round the fire? If you don’t sit in one of these camps, you’ve not toasted enough marshmallows and I suggest you immediately find yourself round a camp fire.

Now I’m not going to say any method is better than the other, but merely just help to the beginner marshmallow toaster, how it’s done and how to have fun with it too!

Step 1 – Build yourself a campfire

Nothing too big, just big enough for you and a few friends to sit around and all have good access to the fire. For more information on how to build a fire, see our article on how to build a fire.

Step 2 – Find the perfect toasting stick

Now, I’m sure you’ve seen those metal skewers in the super market, but in my opinion these are no good. Apart from the fact that you’ll burn your mouth if it touches the skewer when trying to eat that molten marshmallow you’ve just perfectly crafted over the fire, it’s hardly setting the scene. We might be glamping, but it doesn’t mean there should be no elements of the outdoors and camping rough.

Family toasting marshmallows whilst on a glamping holiday

Personally, I like to find the perfect stick! It’s got enough length, so I don’t need to sit too close to the fire. Strength is important because you don’t want to accidentally snap it. I’m not condoning taking a stick from a live tree, but a freshly fallen stick will be less likely to go up in flames over the fire because it contains much more moisture than one that has been away from the tree for a while.

Step 3 – Crafting the perfect toasting stick

Alright then, so you’ve found the perfect toasting stick, but it’ll probably need a bit of work before it’s ready for the marshmallow. This step isn’t strictly necessary, but I quite like it and find it fun. To begin with, I’d remove any little twigs off the stick, these will only catch fire, which is a touch dangerous, wouldn’t you agree? Then I’d find my pen knife, although a kitchen knife will suffice, an outdoor specific knife will get the job done a bit better. So, I’ve got my knife, I’m going to whittle down the end of the stick to remove any dirt and bark and create a point, so it’s easy to poke into the marshmallow.

And now, I think you’re ready to start toasting.

Step 4 – Toasting your marshmallow

This is a pretty individual step, since everyone has their own preferences when it comes to the perfect amount of toasting time with their marshmallow, so I’ll just give you my top tips:

  • Rotate, rotate, rotate! Keep spinning that marshmallow; otherwise you’ll end up with one burnt side and one uncooked side.
  • If it goes on fire, just remove it from the fire and gently blow it out.
  • Remember, a melting marshmallow is as hot as molten lava, so be careful!
  • You can always toast it more, not less, so be gentle with your toasting.

Step 5 – Eat your marshmallow

Pretty sure you’ve got this covered, so I won’t insult you with telling you how to eat your marshmallow.

A perfectly toasted marshmallow

Tell us about your marshmallow toasting tips below in the comments!

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